Teens across the country are using their influence to keep friends off alcohol and weed. You can too.
Most teens know that alcohol and marijuana are not healthy choices. And in Johnston, most teens are drug-free! But “most” isn’t good enough. It hurts to see a friend turn to drugs, especially when we know it will harm them. You can actually help prevent – and maybe even convince a friend to stop -- because among teens, a friend’s opinion really, really matters. Use your influence. It’s more powerful than you may think!

Partnership for Success: What Teens Can Do

1. Get smart about alcohol and marijuana. You are making decisions on your own -- and knowing what science says about how alcohol and marijuana can affect a teen’s life is the only way to make healthy decisions on your own. Start by protecting yourself. Know the facts.

2. Share what you know. You also have the power to help friends and younger brothers and sisters make good decisions. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. You can change that. Just start a conversation. Try: “You know what I learned today?” Talk with your parents, your friends, your siblings. Share what you know. Use your influence.

Learn on your own. Share what you learn.

A great website – designed or inquiring teens. Get the facts about the most commonly abused drugs, like marijuana, tobacco, Molly, cocaine, K2 and Spic When you have the facts, you’re better able to protect yourself – and your friends – when you’re out there on your own. Click here!

It isn’t pretty but it is science! Find out for yourself what drugs do to your brain, skin, lungs, mouth and heart. Drugs and Your Body: Know the Facts

Be your own person. Most teens who decide to try alcohol or marijuana say that it was peer influence that pushed them to experiment. How easily are YOU influenced by others? Find out: Take the quiz!

Leadership Opportunities for Johnston Teens
Become an advisor to the Coalition. Teach us what you think works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to keeping your friends, brothers and sisters drug-free.

Join ATI. Above the Influence is a program that’s attracting thousands of teens across the country who want to take a stand against bullying, sexism, racism, alcohol and marijuana use and just “following the crowd.” It’s a program that helps you become the kind of person you want to be.

Want to get involved? For more information, please contact Pattie Sweet, Coalition Coordinator, at 401-519-1903 or psweet@tricountyri.org.