Parents are still the Number One influence in a teen’s life
Research shows that the main reason that teens do not use tobacco, alcohol, marijuana or other drugs is because of their parents’ positive influence -- and because they know it would disappoint you. Talk with your kids about living drug-free -- the earlier the better. Use your influence! They trust you.

Partnership for Success: What Parents Can Do
1. Take time to brush up on what science is telling us about the risks teens face if they use alcohol or marijuana. There’s too much misinformation out there. Parents need to help teens separate fact from fiction, and teens are influenced by what their parents say (or don’t say).

2. Discuss those risks with your teens and pre-teens frequently, remembering how many times you had to say “the stove is hot” before it sunk it. Teen brains are wired for risks that you can help them avoid.

3. Tell them that you hope they never use alcohol or marijuana before they’re 21. Don’t allow them to “assume” you don’t have an opinion one way or the other.

4. Give them the love, support, confidence and facts they need to make good decisions when they’re out there on their own.

Click, click. Know the risks. Internet Resources for Parents

The dos and don’ts of talking to kids about alcohol. In surveys across the country, nearly 90 percent of teens report that their parents are their Number One influence when it comes to making decisions about alcohol and drugs! As the name of this program says: Talk. They Hear You.


Science-based facts about marijuana. You’ll also find great tips for talking with teens about the risks associated with using marijuana. Download your free copy of Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know.


Prescription medications. N ext to alcohol and marijuana, Rx and over-the counter medicines are the most common drugs teens are using to get high. Check out this website to learn how you can help prevent prescription abuse.

Teen Talking Tips for Parents
Sometimes it’s tough talking with teens, especially around sensitive topics like alcohol and marijuana. Need help getting your teens to talk? Click for tips:

Have a Conversation, Not a Confrontation
Talking and Active Listening With Your Teen
6 Parenting Practices

The Power of Grandparents
Power of Parents, High School
Power of Parents, Middle School

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